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The Kawai ES-100 weighs in at only 33 pounds, making it highly portable. Along with easy handling, the 88-keys are of Advanced Hammer Action (AHA) IV-F graded hammer action that feels great underneath the fingertips. More at

The Yamaha P-115 weights about 26 pounds, which makes it even better for transport. It’s also part of Yamaha’s P series, automatically qualifying it as a portable digital piano. The keyboard features 88-weighted keys using Graded Hammer Standard and a matte finish on the black keys. The touch alone and look is great on the P-115, but I’m not sure if it’s enough to beat the Kawai ES-100 and it’s great sound and feel.
The F-10H damper pedal that accompanies the Kawai ES-100 is extremely solid, too. It’s a heavy-duty piano-style pedal that accommodates half-pedal functionality. Pedals aren’t extremely important to everyone, but for those who like to add depth to their pieces and truly take advantage of polyphony, this is a great additional product that comes in the box with your digital piano.

The P-115, however, offers MIDI and USB ports that are not available on the ES-100. There’s also a feature called the “Digital Piano Controller” app for iOS devices that allow the player to control the keyboard from their preferred device. Even though the ES-100 doesn’t offer this feature, keep in mind that the P-115’s connectivity options are not wireless. More at

Another performance feature that gigging musicians would benefit from on the P-115 is the “sound boost” feature that adds treble to your passages. Anyone that’s performed with a live band can admit to losing their presence in the sound from time to time. With this feature, the piano will effectively cut through the surrounding instruments for more of a impactful presence.
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