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Best Backpack Diaper Bag

Diaper bags can get heavy very quickly. Slinging them over one shoulder or carrying them in hand can soon get tiresome. Even hanging a bulky diaper bag from a stroller can be inconvenient. Backpack diaper bags free up your arms and hands, allowing you to easily lug around baby gear.

If you live in a condo with an abundance of stairs then I feel for you. I have been in that situation before. Juggling a baby, shopping and a diaper bag while climbing the stairs is no easy task. A backpack diaper bag is perfect for you.
Don’t live in a condo? There are so many other places when a diaper back pack would make your life easier.

Loading and unloading baby into the car.
High five your friends while eating an ice-cream.
Shopping with baby.
Doing the Macarena spontaneously.
Walking a tightrope and using your free hands to balance.
Seriously, life is amazing when you can carry a diaper bag and having two free hands to do whatever you want.

Still not convinced? Backpack diaper bags are also better for your back than the messenger style diaper bags that hang off your body by a single strap. Messenger bags do not distribute the weight evenly and can lead to a sore back. A backpack diaper bag is starting to look like a better option now, isn’t it? More at
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