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Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag

This bag lets you hold all the baby necessities as well as accessories in different areas and pockets. This way you can separate the items that shouldn’t be mixed with the others. More at

This Skip Hop Duo Signature is offered in 10 different colors and designs. This gives you the choice of both look and color to fit your style.
The bag comes with 10 pockets in total all spaced out around in the right positions. It uses a zipper closure to ensure all the items are safe and kept inside. More at

Among the pockets are 2 large ones on the sides that let you fit baby bottles. It also includes a toy ring to make it easy to clip on the toys. This saves space in the bag yet lets your babies have they play toys with them.

Handy stroller clips also make it easy to tie this diaper bag to the stroller so you don’t need to use up space in the stroller’s compartment.

Other handy additions are a changing pad that comes with the bag as well as a separate tech pocket where you can keep your tablet when you leave the home with the kids.
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