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The first, obvious benefit of buying a second hand piano is certainly its price. Right after the piano leaves the shop, the value of the musical instrument drastically drops by a percentage of about 15% to 20%.

The more a piano has been used, the more that price continues to drop (like any piece of technology, really), so it’s quite easy to find several offers of used digital pianos around half the original retail price.

So, if your budget is not high enough to buy the digital piano of your dreams, but you still want to own it no matter what, then opting for an used product could be a wise choice. Of course, when you find an offer that satisfies you, there are several things that you must carefully evaluate before buying:
1) THE CONDITIONS: The status of a digital piano is massively important, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but the actual state of its operations. You must pay attention to every single scratch or damage that’s both visible and hidden on the chassis, the buttons, knobs, faders, wheels and each of the 88 keys. You also need to, ideally, test all the primary functions of the digital piano to make sure that it makes your expectations and you find the feel and sound to be more than satisfactory.

2) THE WARRANTY: All electronic devices are subject to malfunctions or flaws, and digital pianos are no exception, so choosing a product with a remaining warranty or reliable return policy is a plus. In this way, you help to avoid spending lots of the money on a used piano that will require additional repair. To this end, it helps to buy your piano online from a reputable website that offers used products, as purchasing from a private individual usually won’t afford you the opportunity to receive a warranty or return policy.

3) THE ACCESSORIES: Look for any included equipment to be there as well—things like sustain pedals, AC adaptors, music rests or furniture stands. Also, you want to make sure the piano comes with any and all chords, cables, manuals and CDs. If anything is missing, try to obtain an additional discount.

4) THE PRICE: Nobody gives away anything for free, so beware of extremely low prices or, at least, take your time to test the machine multiple times before buying. You should take a look online in order to find out the average price of a specific used piano, and then look for a good offer in a similar price range. More at
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