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edited February 11
For players who will be doing more than learning or practicing the piano, there are some things that they should expect from a high quality digital piano. There are plenty of great intermediate to professional pianos that don’t exceed $1,500. If you want to buy a digital piano that is in the $1,800-2,500 price range, do so for the purpose of performing frequently in classical settings such as concerts and recitals. More at
64+ note polyphony
App capabilities
Advanced sound technology
Stage piano settings
Playing pieces with more than one voice, along with songs that require a lot of finger work will fare better on pianos with a higher polyphony. More experienced players can take advantage of personalized settings and added features that come with app integration to enhance performances or aid in gigs. An advanced speaker system would most likely benefit a professional player or one who performs frequently, so look for higher wattage and power consumption.

These features work in conjunction with stage piano settings that allow for the sound to cut through the surrounding instruments. Without proper sound management, it’s easy for the piano to get lost in voices and instruments, especially if there’s a presence of percussions. Your digital piano should be able to hold its own during a performance and make a statement, even if it’s a supporting instrument. More at
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