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Designer diaper bags are gorgeous and functional. They’re designed for the moms who enjoy staying up-to-date with fashion. You don’t need to sacrifice personal style just because you’re a mom. These bags provide you with options and they come in so many different designs and styles that it’s something for everyone from the stay-at-home mom to the executive.

They’re a great alternative to the dull and boring bags and the ones that are designed for kids with clowns and teddy bears. They serve the same functions but are designed to handle everything baby needs from diapers to bottles. A new mom loves to get that little something extra to make her feel special or stylish once again.

When you’re searching for that perfect shower gift, what would be better than a fashionable diaper bag? Any mother would be thrilled to receive one as a gift. This could be just the pick-me-up she needs after having a baby.

Features of Designer Diaper Bags

Designer bags have the same features as regular bags but with a little more flare. You can still find a variety of sizes for different needs and the usual features that include separate compartments, bottle holders, pockets and sturdy straps. Many of them even have stroller attachments to make carrying them easier. Designer baby bags usually provide you with extras such as a changing pad, toys or a bib. The more features, the better the bag, as far as most moms are concerned.

Specific Names of Designer Diaper Bags

Many different companies produce designer diaper bags and all of them have their own special qualities. Some of the most well known names include Kate Spade’s, CoCaLo, Juicy Couture, Mia Bossi, Skip Hop, Felix Rey’s, Petunia Pickle Bottom, Ju Ju Be and OiOi. With so many brands, there are now more selections than ever before.
Reasons to Buy One Type over Another

Designer Diaper Bags 1Designer diaper baby bags are unique and created to suit all types of moms. You can find a variety of shapes, colors, designs and trims to suit anyone’s taste. With so many selections available, it may be a little difficult to decide which one to buy. To help you get the most out your diaper bag, here are a couple of reasons to choose one type over another.

Designer bags offer different features. For example, Mia Bossi bags come with a fur-lined changing pad and the Petunia Pickle bag is designed with switchable straps. Which one would benefit you the most? Some brand names offer accents made of 14-karat gold and some have toys or bibs inside. Some are colorful and vibrant while still others like the Gucci diaper bags, have tradition signature colors such as beige and cocoa. Choose what you want most in the diaper bag and this will help you decide which one to buy.


Designer diaper bags do cost more than regular bags but they’re worth every penny. Some of the smaller, simpler designs start around $40 or $50 dollars while some of the more elaborate designs can cost in excess of 1,000’s. You can buy them in department stores, specialty boutiques and there are many sites online that offer this product.


Designer diaper bags are fashionable and fun. They have all the necessities you’ll need for baby and exciting designs allow you to choose a bag that suits your personal style. Many brand name companies that make purses also make diaper bags so they can be used together as a matching set.


Designer bags are more expensive than many of the regular designs so many new mothers may find they exceed their budget. Sometimes they contain more design than function and it can be harder to find a designer bag to do just what you want it to do. More at

Some baby changing bags like the Okkatots Travel Baby range are backpack diaper bags, others like the Pickle Bottom range are lush sequined affairs including evening clutch bags you’ll love to be seen with.

Dadgear offers a selection of baby changing bags that even the most masculine man can pick from and be happy to walk out with, including one either of you can wear, leaving you totally prepared and hands free for doors and shopping bags.

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