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Connecting a piano keyboard to a computer is a relatively simple procedure. Using a USB lead, you can quite easily connect your keyboard to your computer as long as your piano keyboard has a USB port. Most modern keyboards do have a USB connection option and sometimes, they can even use this to power the keyboard.

If you have a midi keyboard, you can often find that the keyboard will not have any speakers. If this is the case for your keyboard, then you will need to connect to an amplifier or a computer application in order to use the keyboard. It will the play sound via an application on your computer.
When you plug the piano keyboard into the computer, you should wait a few moments and let the computer automatically detect the keyboard. Many times, you will find that you won’t need to manually install the drivers for the keyboard. If you get a message saying that the computer can’t recognise the device, you will need to search the Internet for the newest driver and install that.

You can sometimes connect the keyboard to an iPad too, but you will need to connect using an Apple camera connect kit. This will allow you to record samples to applications such as garage band. More at
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