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How to Choose the Best Diaper Bag for You

It can be a bit overwhelming deciding on a diaper bag initially, but there are some questions you should ask yourself even before you start searching for the perfect diaper bag. Some questions you should consider when shopping for a diaper bag:

What style of diaper bag will best suit my needs? A tote style? Something with back straps? An over-the-shoulder messenger bag style?
What kind of material will the diaper bag be made of?
Is the exterior fabric stain and water resistant?
How will the exterior diaper bag material handle in the mall? In the car? At the beach? On a stroller?
Is the diaper bag material environmentally friendly?
Is the bag easy to open?
Are there adequate interior and exterior pockets?
Is there a place to safely store your cell phone? Keys? Water bottle? Other personal items?
What kinds of accessories are included with the diaper bag? A change pad? An insulated bottle holder? Key clips? Shoulder straps? Wipes case? Accessory pouch? More at
Designer Diaper Bags

If you want to buy a designer diaper bag, there are plenty to choose from. The featured style for designer diaper bags are typically tote diaper bags, but if you search hard enough, you can find different types of designer diaper bags. There are a few celebrity diaper bag favourites. More at

Firstly, the Aurelie Bag by Timi and Leslie is a gorgeous tote style diaper bag. This bag features:

Six interior pockets for easy organizing
Stroller straps included
Handy key fob and insulated bottle holder with clip on handle
Change mat with diaper/wipes pocket
PVC free
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