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Large Convertible Backpack Diaper Bag

Moving away from the school boy backpack look, Ecosusi brings a backpack diaper bag that can also be held as a carry bag or worn as a messenger bag. This backpack is a great middle ground between ugly black backpack and “cute backpack but wow look at that price tag”. Yep, this trendy backpack diaper bag for women will not break the bank.

If you have more have a baby and a toddler or even twins then you will be pleased to know that this diaper backpack features a wealth of space. Small pockets line the entire inside however, if you want to skip the organization part you can easily cram all your baby products in the single open space.
Four zippered storage pockets can be found on the outside of the backpack. One of these pockets is designed to be used as a baby wipe dispenser. There is a reason wipe dispensers are now a common feature on so many backpacks. They are super handy.

The strength of this bag is definite its different carrying options. The ability to wear it s a messenger bag, hold it like a carry bag or over the shoulders as a backpack gives you a lot of freedom. That said, the reason you are here is because a backpack diaper bag is the right choice for you. Fortunately, this bag does the backpack bit really well. Incredibly comfortable to wear, the padded straps will allow you to load your diaper bag right up and still be comfortable as you strut your stuff with your baby.

My only gripe is that the quality is not high end. Its more of a mid-grade. Unfortunately this is the trade off for getting such a feature filled bag at such a cheap price. Before you write this bag off, the bag will last as long as you are not overly rough on it. If you are looking for the upgraded version of this bag that will last and last then look no further than the amazing diaper backpack below by Ju-Ju-Be. More at
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