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edited January 11
Learn Piano on a KeyboardIf you are a beginner and you have never played a keyboard or a piano before, you may be wondering if purchasing a keyboard will help you to learn to play a piano. The simple answer is ‘yes’.
A keyboard has a couple of minor setbacks to playing a piano properly however. You should be aware that most keyboards have 61 notes, which gives you a shorter range than pianos. You will usually be able to transpose the keyboard up or down an octave or two, which will allow you to have a little more range, but you will only really have 61 keys at one time.
The other thing that you may miss out on when learning on a keyboard is the ‘real feel’ that you would get with a digital or acoustic piano. Pianos have weighted movement in the upper and lower registers, so when you play the notes of the lower octaves, you’ll need to apply more force, whilst the higher notes only require a little pressure. You will also miss out on the expression that you can get by applying more or less force to the keys with a keyboard.

Keyboards are nevertheless perfectly acceptable for learning to play the piano and you will still be able to learn how to position your fingers and you can learn how to use the piano. More at
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