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Top Ten Diaper Bag Features

The following features aren’t exactly must haves, but they can make your life a lot easier.

Changing Pads: Most diaper bags come complete with their own changing pad. Some are designed to simply fold out while others just have their own compartment. If you’d prefer to purchase a changing pad separately, make sure that your bag of choice has room for it.

Stroller Compatibility: Provided your diaper bag is hands free, stroller compatibility isn’t absolutely necessary but it is useful. You have two options, it should either fit on your strollers handles or in the storage bin. The heavier your baby gear, the more important this feature is.

Daddy Compatibility: If you think Dad will be using your new diaper bag, try not to forget about him when making your purchase. These days, there’s no shortage of diaper bags that will look just as good on him as they do on you. Keep in mind however, that there’s also no shortage of bags that he won’t want to be seen dead with.

External Pockets: If you’re willing to lose a few style points, external pockets can be an organisational life safer. They allow you to keep all of your most used items on the outside and therefore easily accessible without opening the bag. They’re perfect for things like keys and cups.
Wipe Dispenser: These days, a surprising number of diaper bags come complete with built in wipe dispensers. The benefit of this, over purchasing your own, is that they’re typically accessible without actually opening the bag.

Brightly Colored Interiors: A surprisingly uncommon feature in diaper bags is a brightly colored interior. Black interiors might look nice but they have a nasty habit of turning diaper bags into black holes that you can’t find anything in. If you’re shopping for a particularly large diaper bag, look for one that’s colored for easy rummaging.

Metal Feet: Unlike handbags, diaper bags find themselves on the ground a lot and metal feet can prevent the bottom from getting scuffed. They add practically nothing to the weight of a bag but can keep it looking new for longer.

Eco Friendly: If you care about the environment, look for a diaper bag that’s made from eco friendly materials. Most of the top brands now produce bags that are PVC, BPA and phthalates free. Eco friendly bags are not only better for the environment, they smell better too.

Insulated Bottle Holder: Insulated bottle holders can obviously be purchased separately but a surprising number of diaper bags come with them pre installed. The advantage of this is that you always know exactly where the bottle is and it’s usually somewhere convenient.

Cell Phone Holder: Depending on your lifestyle, this will either be laughable or a must have, but these days, many diaper bags come complete with an external cell phone holder. Life safer or pointless gimmick, you decide.
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