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Packing a diaper bag

Packing a diaper bag full of necessary gear for one child can be a daunting task. Adding in all the must-have items for a new baby on top of that can be a stressful and seam-ripping task in some diaper bags. Read on to learn all about some tips and tricks for getting everything you need for two kids (plus some extra items!) to fit, and look stylish while doing-so.

Tips & Tricks:

Between making sure that your older toddler has enough snacks, and your infant has a few outfit changes for the inevitable messy diaper changes, your diaper bag may be looking a bit unorganized, as well as appearing jam-packed. If your bag is bursting at the seams and impossible to locate anything in, you’ll love these tips we have for you, as well as some amazing products that will save you time and effort, which is something that all mommies need.

1.The biggest tip we can give you is to keep everything separate and compact. You can accomplish this by using two quart sized ziplock bags labeled with your children’s name on each one, or for the greener mom, two small “On the Go” sized wetbags, like these from Kushies. (They are even sold in a two-pack!)
2.In each bag, place your child’s spare outfit, enough diapers to last you the duration of your outing, and some wipes. Keeping each child’s things stored separately will allow you to quickly grab their labeled bag and have everything you need for their diaper changing. Whether your two year old may need a pair of backup pullups or underpants, or your infant needs a spare onesie, these items will be easy to grab, and won’t have you digging around in your diaper bag pulling out a size five diaper when you’re searching for a size one.

3.If you have a small child that you’re nursing, and wish to do so discreetly, we suggest the Poncho Baby Nursing Cover from Poncho Baby. It allows you to see your child while they are nursing, while also providing both front and back coverage. This is perfect for the Mom-on-the-go of two children, because you may find yourself nursing your littlest, while chasing after your biggest.

4.If you are cloth diapering, you may not be able to fit more than two diapers in a smaller wetbag, or quart sized plastic bag. If that’s the case, consider only packing 2 (max) in the bag, and leaving a few stashed away in a backseat car organizer.

5.You may also consider leaving your diaper bag in your car all the time when you’re at home. That way, it will be one less item to have to gather up on your way out the door.

6.Having a removable clutch that fits inside your diaper bag will allow you to grab your wallet and phone easily to take them indoors.

7.Make sure you regularly check the items in your diaper bag, especially when your little ones advance in either diaper or clothing sizes. There is nothing like having an emergency and trying to cram a newborn sized diaper onto your four month old.
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