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Hip Cub Diaper Bag

Our last pick is another fashionable looking tote that offers enough room for all the things that 2 young kids will need when they step out with mom. More at

This bag has a large main compartment where you can store all the diapers, wipes, snacks and toys. Inside the main storage area, there are also 2 smaller internal compartments so you can separate some of the items.
In total there are 7 different pockets, with the rest of them on the outside of the bad. There are 2 large pockets in front and 2 extra ones on the sides. The pockets on the sides are secured via zippers, though they don’t offer as much space or go as deep as the 2 front pockets. More at

This is a nice trendy diaper bag that lets you take all the things your babies need and look fashionable at the same time.
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