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Ju Ju Be Range of Diaper Bags

Ju Ju Be are the very high end brand for diaper bags and they will cost a pretty penny. They are a very high quality range of bags with an average price of around $170-180 for one bag. Despite the price tag they seem to be very popular with many parents so I wanted to include them in my website. They also happen to have a very large collection of styled bags in their various collections so interesting to review. More at
Ju Ju Be B.F.F Convertible Diaper Bags
Within this range there are a few very popular bags and they are known as the “Pixie Dust,” the Pink Pinwheels,” the “Crimson Kaleidoscope,” the “Hello Kitty Collection,” the “Perfect Paisley,” the “Perky Perennials,” the “Licorice Twirl,” the “Powder Icing,” and the “Sweet Hearts. ” More at
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