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Yamaha PSRE353 The 61 keys on this keyboard make it perfect for beginner and intermediate users who want a good range without losing the portability for the keyboard. Whether you want a keyboard that you can easily transport to your music tuition session or if you want something that can be stored conveniently, this keyboard is portable enough to do so. It has a wide enough range for concert performances too, so you will be able to take this keyboard with you when you have a gig booked.

This keyboard is great for the learner. There are pre-programmed lessons on this keyboard that allow the beginner and the intermediate player to become accustomed to playing the keyboard. You can make use of the various learner features included with this keyboard if you want to hone your skills. More at
You can enjoy a wide array of features when you choose this keyboard including voices, styles and effects. Stereo sampling sounds ensure that you can get the best possible acoustic sounds from this keyboard. You can also add digital effects to your performance, including harmony, reverb, master equalizer and even chorus. This keyboard comes with over 500 different voices for you to try out too so your keyboard can play every part in the band if you wish.

A special arpeggio feature allows you to create rhythmic and melodic patterns that you can access when you press on notes. This allows you to compose more complex songs. More at

This is an affordable and portable keyboard that has all the functions you could possibly want.
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