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What is a Digital Piano?

The digital piano is a cheaper, smaller, and in many ways more versatile alternative to a full-size classical piano. Using advanced electronics and synthesizers they replicate the sound of a true piano, delivered by built-in speakers. While mimicking an analog piano is the primary function of the digital counterparts, manufacturers take advantage of the flexibility of the digital medium by including other instruments. More at

Good digital pianos can also replicate a long list of wind and string instruments, giving players an entire orchestra their fingertips. Instruments with external outputs allow musicians to create and fine-tune elaborate mixes or give robust live performances.

What are the Different Types of Digital Pianos?

Digital pianos are in essence built with the same goal in mind: to replicate their acoustic counterparts. However, they differ in terms of practicality. Depending on the venue or venues one expects to play at normally, one might purchase a complete model versus one more portable. Two types of digital pianos exist to accommodate the goals of each musician:

Stage Digital Pianos: Also known as portable pianos, these instruments lack certain built-in features in an effort to be easier to transport to different venues.
Grand Digital Pianos: Grand digital pianos are much more like their acoustic brethren with similar features, construction, and presence. From key sensitivity to quality of sound, they are nearly indistinguishable from normal pianos but are still significantly less cumbersome. More at
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