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Digital Pianos

While digital pianos sound less refined than acoustic pianos, they offer a great variety. They are much more portable and do not have to be stored in a room where the temperature is stable. Digital pianos do not rely on their strings for tuning, as they don’t have any. If you are going to be playing in a band, a digital piano might actually be the way to go, as lugging around a grand piano to concert venues isn’t going to be economically feasible.
Another thing to consider is the type of music that you are going to play. While acoustic pianos are going to give that full, concerto feel, you typically don’t want to play a fast, rock 'n’ roll style tune on one. A digital piano gives you a wide berth of genres to play, especially if it is a digital synthesizer – which has only become increasingly popular in a world being taken over by electronic sounds and tones. More at

Digital pianos are a sacrifice or theoretically ideal sound for convenience and price. You can plug headphones into a digital piano if your practice schedule is limited to late at night, so you won’t be bugging any neighbors. Some digital pianos, such as the ensemble digital, also allow the user to record their accompaniments. With the ensemble, you can also play alongside pre-recorded arrangements, which is just perfect for a beginner who is getting used to the piano and its specific style.
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