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Don’t be confused when you are looking at digital pianos and keyboards. If you’re unsure about the difference between the two, you should check out this short guide to find out the difference and similarities between digital pianos and piano keyboards. More at

Whether you want to create the perfect sound effects for your latest movie script, or you want a portable version of a baby grand piano, you need to ensure that you choose the right option for your requirements.

Digital pianos are intended to be a portable option that you can use to create the sounds of an authentic and traditional piano. Whilst it is impossible to exactly recreate the sound of an acoustic concert instrument using a synthesiser, it is possible to get close. High quality Digital pianos often have that ability thanks to some special features. Piano keyboards on the other hand can be even more portable still. They can have even fewer keys if you only need one as a basic midi controller, or you can choose piano keyboards that have more keys to give you a wider range.
Digital pianos have sounds stored in their memory that have been recorded using genuine and high quality concert instruments. Each note is recorded in turn and saved to the digital piano. When the note is pressed, you will hear a clear sound that sounds just like a real piano. Keyboards have many different voices or sets of instruments that you can choose from whilst digital pianos often only have high quality piano variations to choose from. If you are happy to sacrifice quality for more instruments and samples then the piano keyboard can be a good choice for you.

Most digital pianos have weighted or semi weighted keys. When you press the keyboard for a note in the lower register, you will need to apply more pressure than when you press a key for a note in the higher register. Piano keyboards have thin and plastic keys. They can be a little easier to play for smaller children who are only just learning and they are ideal for players who want ultra sensitive keys without being concerned about the expression in their playing. More at

The keys on a digital piano are often made from wood and have a texture that is similar to that of a real piano. Some digital pianos have plastic keys, but they still have the realistic texture. Keyboards have smooth and plastic feeling keys.

Digital pianos are not necessarily more expensive than piano keyboards, as you can find lower quality digital pianos with fewer features for a lower price tag. Some piano keyboards have many features and user options too which can make them more functional than most digital pianos and this can bring a higher price tag.

Whilst digital pianos can often be connected to a computer, piano keyboards can be a more suitable option for those who are looking for a good midi controller. Digital pianos on the other hand are more suited to concert quality performances.
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